Shown below is an everyday example of a rather standard non-Moulton model,
and as such it must regrettably be judged strictly irrelevant to these pages.
All variations of the small-wheeled bicycle type -- the historically original models and the
genuinely eclectic examples alike -- do indeed interest us in principio. However, this is not
to say that we are concerned here with each and every trivial generic copy per se.
Hopefully it should be obvious to even the most disinterested observer
that the "housewife shopper" bike so prominently pictured here,
although unquestionably a small-wheeler by definition, is simply
another pathetic, if somewhat psychedelic, look-alike attempt
that may be safely overlooked for our purposes.
(In fact, to the keen eye it would appear to be a vintage
Benny Hill "Belle", possibly a late 60s model.)
Now, let us please move on!