Outbord "anchor locker"

The common way of mooring in Scandinavian waters is bow-to, with an anchor or buoy line from the stern. In practical terms, this means that most yachtspersons prefer to carry an anchor near the transom, in the lazarette or (more often) hanging directly from the pushpit, but due to the rather pointed stern deck shape of the Allegro design there is limited space for substantial groundtackle.

However, on our boat the two backstays are mounted on custom-made "outriggers", and I have found it convenient to use one of these outboard structures as a platform for storing the ground tackle.

A Bruce-type 15 kg anchor rests in its own slot with its upper end strapped to the pushpit with a bungee, while the anchor rode tape reel (see separate article here) is mounted on the pushpit.

The first 5 m of the anchor rode consists of a stainless steel chain, and as we had no useable inboard chain locker this was previously rather difficult to handle. This simple solution has worked very well for several years. It is actually a stainless steel sieve bought at IKEA (kithen department)! The stainless steel bowl fit nicely two the outrigger struts and is keeps the wet and sometimes muddy or slimey chain safely in place. It isn't entirely impossible, though, that the chain would spill out of the open "locker" bowl in really heavy weather with waves breaking over the stern, so some sort of lid may have to be made up.


Utombords kättingstuv

Att hantera ett akterankare kan vara ganska trångt och obekvämt på en Allegro 27. Utrymmet på det avsmalnande akterdäcket är begränsat. Vår båt är dock försedd med särskilda utriggare som breddar akterstagens fästpunkter, och dessa stöttor har visat sig lämpliga som plattform för förvaring av Bruce-ankaret (15 kg) inklusive en utvändig kättingstuv.

Den senare består helt enkelt av ett rotfritt sallads-såll från IKEA (eller om det var Clas Olson igen, minnet sviker). Nu slipper vi hantera den blöta och ibland leriga kätting-ändan (5 m närmast ankaret) i sittbrunnen, det är bara att ringla ner den i skålen. Vid ankring rasslar hela kättingen snällt ut utan kink, fast med ett imponerande skrammel.

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