Classic Models Typology Guide:

- Pre-AM Model Genealogy table
- "What this site is NOTat all about!"

Technical stuff:

- Wheels of choice: Selecting the components

> Dimensional data for 16", 17" and 20" wheels:
      - Rims
      - Tyres (not wider than 40 mm)

> Data for various hubs:
      - Gear-hubs (rear only) [290kB file]
      - Regular hubs (front and rear)

> Gearing computation and formulae:
      - Internally geared hub drivetrains
      - Multi-sprocket (derailleur) systems

> Spoke length calculation

- "Database" of other Moulton specific maintenance aspects ("In preparation")


- "Small-Wheeling to Brittany" (PBP '91 account in Swedish)
- "The little-known Swedish 17-incher" (adapted from The Moultoneer Nov/Dec 1992)
- "Some of my Moultons"